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As social media users, we live in a world where a wide audience of people want to access content by one click. For many independent music artists, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and YouTube are platforms in which they can promote their latest music. To promote a new song or artist profile from Spotify or Apple music, artists are forced to create a Link Tree that links their music on different platforms, but people are impatient and doing that seems quite time consuming. A new era of music sharing is upon us, and you can thank Wilson Page who is the sole creator of the most cutting edge music smart link out there called Songwhip.
I stumbled upon Songwhip as an accident actually, I was helping a close friend find ways for his Instagram audience to easily access his music with a link in his bio. When I realized that there were limitations on how many platforms you can link to, I came across an up and coming artist on Instagram, and I wanted to check out how he shared his music. In his bio there was a link to his Songwhip page, so naturally I was curious as to what Songwhip was. What I discovered was a platform for artists that linked all of their music from over 14 major music streaming platforms, by the click of a button. With this free music smart link, artists are able to go to Songwhip’s website and make a music link by typing in their artist name on Songwhip. Wilson Page’s efficient algorithm makes an easy to use link, in just seconds.
Wilson Page is a self taught software engineer and designer from the United Kingdom. He created Songwhip from the frustration that it wasn’t very easy to share an artist’s music from different streaming platforms, especially on social media by one click of a button. It’s not just an Apple Music link or a Spotify link, it’s one link that connects you to all streaming platforms. As he developed a beta version of Songwhip, he began to share his creation with friends, and it eventually found its way to Reddit. As the Reddit community started using Songwhip, he realized how special his creation was.
“Naturally Songwhip has this virality built into it, because when you use Songwhip, you’re sharing Songwhip. So it’s like magic to where it promotes itself, and that’s a very unique position to be in.” said Page.
Page, who is a former software developer and former front end software engineer for Mozilla/Firefox, had a very unorthodox entry into the world of coding and software engineering. He originally studied Graphic Design and Communications at Leeds University in the UK. Without any formal training in programming, Wilson said that he’s always been technically curious, as him and his friend taught themselves how to write code.
“I started designing websites for people that I knew, and went to some Tech meetups in London where there were people in the industry that you can connect with. That’s how I ended up working with Mozilla, I was hungry and wanted to learn how I could get into the business.” said Page.
Over the past several years Wilson Page has worked alongside some very talented people in a highly sought after corporate setting. His Songwhip idea was always in the back of his head, and he only had time to maintain a basic version on the side. When 2019 and 2020 came around, he found himself at a war with himself. He didn’t know if it were a good idea to quit his job and work on Songwhip full time. He eventually moved out of London in 2019 as his department was cut from Mozilla. The corporate world seemed to give him the answer he was looking for, as he committed to working on Songwhip full time. He spent months rewriting the code and making major fixes so that he could put out an official product that people could trust.
“Songwhip’s most valuable component is its search engine, and I knew it wasn’t good enough; there were just too many incorrect results. If I was going to take the product forward I needed to tackle this; so I spent 3 months rewriting it! When I finished, the number of people complaining about incorrect matches dropped and my confidence in this piece rose.” said Page.
In December of 2020, Wilson launched Songwhip Pro, which was a way for his business to bring in revenue. He began selling yearly subscriptions to Songwhip Pro in hopes that it could allow him to keep money flow into improving his business. Although most people use Songwhip as a free music smart link, purchasing a premium yearly subscription is only $6 a month. With the paid version, artists can unlock the ability to customize their entire Songwhip page. Songwhip Pro has everything, you can add custom artwork, customize social media links on your page, an artist biography, and even an email subscription service to send to your music audience. These are just a few upsides to purchasing a premium account, and it could definitely make it easier for independent artists to provide easy access to their music!
Although there are other smart link services out there, there’s none like Songwhip. Its user friendly interface, and algorithmic efficiency is what makes this product so easy to share. Wilson Page is creating a piece of technology that is something special, and will change the way music artists display their music catalog on social media. As Page independently owns and operates Songwhip all himself, he’s now created a viral product that is competing with companies that have so many employees. The fascinating thing about Songwhip is that it’s just getting started, and Wilson Page has a vision for what he wants his business to look like for the future. The sky’s the limit for Songwhip, as it’s the best “one-stop shop” music smart link service that caters to independent artists all over the world!
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