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When it comes down to taking risks and following your dreams, life often shows a person that it comes around full circle. Almost five years ago, I met a guy named Juwan Wilson. I was a freshman at Utica College and he was the senior captain of the football team. I worked at the college radio station WPNR, and interviewed Juwan about his standout senior season. When talking to him, he was very focused and determined, along with having the charisma as the most popular guy on campus. Fast forward to now, and he goes by WanBlvd, a promising independent music artist living out in Los Angeles with two of his best friends.
He started making music about a year after he graduated from college, and began releasing songs on Soundcloud. I had been following him on social media, when I came across one of his first songs called “90’s Love”. I gave it a listen and I’ve been a fan of his ever since. Throughout the past few years, I’ve been paying attention to his work ethic and music releases. So when I started reporting on music and interviewing artists, I asked him for an interview, as I really wanted to showcase the true potential for his music career.
WanBlvd is now sponsored by Sprite, yes Sprite. The refreshing soda company has been investing money and time into young creatives all over the country. A few years ago when they were looking for a new artist to listen to on Twitter, his friend Jayson tagged WanBlvd and the rest was history.
“One day I went to Twitter and saw that Sprite tweeted to me about my music. They messaged me and sent over a contract on the same day, and it happened like that. It has been an awesome experience. I’ve been learning how to creatively protect myself while being an independent artist in the industry.” said WanBlvd.
During this time, WanBlvd has been creating a lane of his own when it comes to surrounding himself with other creatives. One of his best friends Jayson Alexander, who goes by Unruly Visuals is his videographer and photographer out in LA. I actually had class with Jayson during my freshman year, and he’s always been a very talented and creative person. When talking to Wan, we both thought it was crazy how we were somehow connected by chance. These two friends form a great team when it comes to providing WanBlvd with a professional visual that enhances the experience of his music. Their best music video was for WanBlvd’s single “Hollywood”. The song is inspired by the risk that they took to go to Los Angeles and make it in the music industry. From the detailed color theme, to the effects and story, the video compliments the mood of the song perfectly. The track successfully demonstrates WanBlvd’s ability to melodically rap and sing while harmonizing layered adlibs in the background. If you’re looking for a fun summer song to add to your playlist, go check out Hollywood. WanBlvd even took the time to give praise to his close collaborator when talking about the making of this song.
“Jayson has been a huge part of my success, a lot of credit goes to him. Not every artist has a videographer that is able to capture a quality visual that can make a song go hard.” said WanBlvd.
WanBlvd has had a great start to 2021, he’s released 5 songs within the past five months while captivating fans all over. First with “Hollywood” back in January, WanBlvd has gained more fans by including an entertaining music video made by his friend Unruly Visuals. In February, he followed up with his slow track “Reese’s Puff”, which shows his ability to use different melodies and cadences within a song. He absolutely floats on this beat as it might be the perfect song to chill and bob your head to. The next two tracks are “On Me” and “Poison”, both of these tracks have more of an R&B feel to them, as both songs tell a story about his love life. As WanBlvd continues to show his vulnerability, he shows on both of these songs that he can sing too. His fans continue to feel like they know him better and better each song he drops. His latest track titled “Pressure” starts with a catchy hook that tells his experience being at his lowest points, but always persevering no matter the circumstance. This song has a rejoiceful tone that anyone could start their day to, while including a beautiful acoustic guitar melody that compliments WanBlvd’s unique flow. As we’re almost halfway through 2021, pay attention to WanBlvd as he’s bound for superstardom within the next year!

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