Tom The Mailman is Delivering Rock Anthem’s with “Sunset Visionary Vol.2”

I don’t know about you, but from the sounds of music from the past five years, it feels as if rock is making a comeback through many different mediums. An artist that gets me excited for rock style music, with some rhythm and blues is Tom The Mailman. He’s a special up and coming artist that is one of the most sincere songwriters I’ve heard in a while. His image has no ego, and his persona is vulnerable and polarizing. He just released his new album titled “Sunset Visionary Vol. 2” and its special. If you simply like good music, you’ll become a fan I promise.


From the start, Tom adds context to the album in the intro, saying that he created this project at a time in his life when he first learned what it felt like to finally have success. Starting with this prelude, allowed him to politely ask the listener to be gentle with their perception of what to expect when giving him a first listen. He has many different influences in his music including hip-hop, punk- rock, pop, and there’s a hint of jazz in there too. At 27 minutes this project had a pretty interesting rollout to observe.

 He released three singles leading up to this album release. His track NOTHING TO LOSE was released back in November. It’s a throwback to the days of teen angst and CD players, as it’s his homage to his home state of Georgia. A lot of anger is found in his music, but think of it as his frustrations and trauma’s being released into something inspiring. The standout lyrics of this song are “I’m just a kid out in Georgia, with nothing, so I’ve got nothing to lose.”. It touches on the added pressures of success, and how he has altered his mind to stay positive in a mind full of sell-doubt.


“FWM2”is the first track that sets the tone.  This is a pop-rock style song with hip-hop influences, telling the story of a lost love that went sour. He’s an artist that wears his heart on his sleeve and the way he portrays past trauma allows him to be relatable. From the looks of his brand image, he wants edgy rock to be popular again, regardless of what it looks or sounds like. A few other stand out songs are “Closer” and “Going Home”, Tom tells two separate stories of getting over someone you’ve always loved. In his track Closer, he gives the genius advice of “You can’t turn a Ho, to a lady” or the more popular terminology of “You can’t turn a hoe to a housewife.” Going Home is the track that you’ll learn about his upbringing. With Tom being unapologetically him, he talks about his life growing up, and him and his father’s rough relationship. I love this song because it perfectly depicts the feeling of not wanting to go home because of the feeling associated with being in a toxic living environment. I feel as if many young people can relate to that feeling of bad vibes associated with living back home, and he’s just honest.  This is like his music trauma dump, but it really paints an honest picture of that rough shit that he’s been through. Whoever can’t relate to that message is just not human, everyone has their demons.


For context, it’s 2AM, and I decided to spontaneously write what I felt in my first listen of this new Tom The Mailman project. If you’re nice enough to read this far, you must be fucking bored, but nonetheless I hope you give him a listen. Get familiar with Tom now, because he’s sure to be a new dominant force in popular music within the next few years!

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