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Big Mont The Green Tape

Picture this, I found an old cassette player, and stumbled across an old green cassette. I don’t know what’s on the tape, but I put the tape in and have my headphones ready. I press play and close my eyes, looking for some uplifting music that can motivate me. In my mind I picture stage curtains opening, and a group of saxophonists sway left to right as they play the opening melody. An all female choir sings along with one lead singer belting so strong that her angelic voice can open heavens gates. You then see a man hop on stage with the freshest Nike running shoes, a shirt that says healing, and an energetic stage presence that can ignite a fire. I’m now 25 seconds into Big Mont’s new album The Green Tape, as it’s the introduction to a spiritual healing experience that we’re all in need of.

“DIPSET AT THE GRAMMYS” is the track I’m listening to and Big Mont introduces a rejoiceful experience that he is enthused to share. It feels as if this track warms up the listener for a true classic. There was a feeling of nostalgia when I began to listen to the album, as it was a reminder that there are still artists who bring the soul to hip-hop. Mont takes his time with crafting this track, as he lets the beat speak for itself at times. He lets his beautiful arrangement breathe, while leading into a verse from female artist KMD. Her opening line is “ Mont gonna make me a star, I’m gonna make him millions.”. This line introduces the listener to who Big Mont is. A leader, and a man that knows his purpose, he uses his platform to put on promising artists, and KMD is one to look out for. In just 4 minutes you now have a soulful saxophone melody accompanied by gospel chops that conclude the song as it began.

As I open my eyes to make sure life is still real, I close my eyes again and prepare for the next song. I picture myself sitting in church, as there is a gospel choir singing the words “Can’t you see” with a pastor shouting “ What god has done” while the choir seems to finish his sentence singing “ What God has done.” All of a sudden, there is a man quickly rearranging the order of the gospel choir, as he hops on the piano to play a few gentle keys. The choir now starts to sing the first song they were singing before, but this time in a different order with a faster tempo and rhythm. The pianist starts to bob his head to the new vocal chop, as he hums over this new melody. The pianist starts to rap about his vision, what he’s learned, and what he wants to manifest. It’s Big Mont, and it seems as if he’s the pastor saying his homily, shedding light on what God has done for him. This song is called “ROLLIE PLAIN JANE“, and in just a few days since its release it was placed on Ebro Darden’s Apple Music Playlist as well as the Bars Playlist. This song sat right under J. Cole on both those playlists, as the world is catching onto the lyrical miracle that is Big Mont. He started his second verse with “I wake up every morning feeling blessed, hop up out of bed and take a breath, then I stretch. Then I hit the bench, I got to raise the bar and put my city on.” As I’m envisioning Big Mont standing in front of the church and telling everyone how he’s feeling and what he plans to do, little by little the entire church starts to dance to the rhythm of the arrangement. Rollie Plane Jane makes Sunday church feel like a concert, and I’d go every Sunday if Big Mont was performing.

Every song from this entire body of work could include a little skit that one could envision, because of the experience that Big Mont introduces the listener to. This album is a declaration of skill and drive that Big Mont and his team have. Mont not only uplifts himself but even women in his track “MUNNEYINNABAG.” It includes a rhythm that most people could workout to, reminding me of Kanye’s “Workout Plan.” The hook to this song is its best part as it provides a feel good vibe that people will love to sing along to. What stands out in this track is Mont’s ability to tell a story. His bars are the best in New York and this entire project shows that. The next notable track is “MURAKAMI CHAIN”, as it’s my favorite beat on the entire project. It starts out with a slow vocal chop that provides a perfect intro to the song. As Mont talks about Kanye’s chain made by Takashi Murakami, he pays homage to the style that he grew up loving. As the beat drops in this song, I immediately started dancing because of the vocal sample that sings along to this track. Mont does a great job with including vocal samples that relate to the theme of his songs, hence the vocal sample singing about a chain swinging from left to right. This creativity is what makes Mont such a one of a kind artist, he seems to be constantly finding a new sound that will ignite a new feeling in his listeners.

The next song that is a standout track is called “FILTH.” In my opinion it’s the perfect song that can help any listener get rid of any negative energy from a past lover. I really like this track because Mont is not afraid to display his vulnerability. He talks about a girl that he was once involved with, and how her new man is really a bum. As the song builds up, Mont celebrates having the upper hand as he says that this girl will never find anyone like him. I think this song is very relatable because many people have been in similar positions with past relationships. Being that guy who was the one that got away, is kind of a fun position to be in, because who doesn’t like to say “I told you so.” As this song shows how Mont keeps elevating and surrounding himself with positive energy, whoever this song is about is probably listening to The Green Tape with a tub of ice cream while crying alone. The outro to this song is performed with a grunge-like guitar solo complimenting Mont’s declaration of confidence and happiness from his healing process. My favorite line from the outro is “I ain’t bitter, I ain’t bitter, girl I’m better, confidence was shaking up but I had to get my shit together. Fuck it, but you must’ve forgot who the fuck I am, looked in the mirror this morning and told myself don’t you ever. If you ever find a man that will treat you like I would’ve, keep him, because that man is once in a lifetime. And even then you’re never gonna find another me, never ever ever in your right mind.”  I hope whoever this song is about hears those last lyrics, because Mont’s last verse to this song is the best breakup wisdom I’ve ever heard. If you listen to Filth, you too will be in your car cheering on Big Mont as if he’s just won himself a gold medal in the game of letting his ex know that she really fucked up big time.

The last song that was definitely one of my favorites is called “THE OLD YE.” I had the privilege of getting a sneak peak of this song while I interviewed Big Mont back in April. It’s a message to his idol Kanye West, who has inspired Mont to make music. He talked about how Kanye came into the music scene over an emotional vocal sample that captures the nostalgic mood of this song. Claiming that although he misses the old Kanye, he understands what has happened to squeaky clean persona over the years. The song is inspired by Kanye’s track “I love Kanye” from his 2016 album The Life of Pablo. The track starts out with “I miss the old Kanye” as Mont inspires the start of his lyrics with the song itself. The most conscious lyrics in this song are “Red-carpet Hennessey, and Dark fantasies, back when he gave his light to filter dark energy.”, these lyrics discuss Kanye’s public downfall as it was the turning point of his career after the 2010 VMA’s. He then returned to rap with his magnum opus “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” where his musical career was revived. Mont acknowledges how Kanye has always had a strong work ethic and a passion to create which resonates through his music. I hope Kanye hears this song someday, because it’s the most accurate, honest depiction of what Kanye fans have thought through the years. Big Mont dedicates a whole song to his idol, extending a message of understanding and honesty that he just misses the Old Ye.

Big Mont’s latest album The Green Tape is a celebration of his experiences while healing. This spiritual experience is a must listen for any hip-hop fan searching for a new artist to support that provides a new perspective. His ability to make beautiful music that people can rejoice and live to, is what sets him apart from other artists. When you listen to Mont’s music, expect to adopt a new perspective of life and heal from past trauma and negative energy. From the amazing album cover shot by the legendary Chad Griffith, to the production on this project that’ll make you want to dance all day, The Green Tape is already a hip-hop classic that will age like fine wine.

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