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Whether you’re a singer/songwriter, or you play multiple instruments and produce, creating honest music is what speaks to a mass audience. How do you know if music is honest? Just ask Flwr Chyld, he’s one of the most talented musicians and producers coming up out of Atlanta. He prides himself on making honest music that’s inspired by his life experiences. His music is uplifting and it thrives in collaboration with many different artists. Coming from the current capital of hip-hop and trap music, Flwr Chyld is creating a genre of his own. Although he’s becoming one of the most successful up and coming artists, it’s taken a while for him to maneuver in his own creative space.

“When I first started making music, it was kind of difficult for me. I’m not necessarily a singer/songwriter, I do write songs but I’m a producer at heart. Once I started taking control of my own destiny and putting honest music out that was under my name, I started reaching out to artists to feature on my songs.” said Flwr Chyld.



Knowing that the target audience for his music wasn’t mainly based in Atlanta, Flwr Chyld knew that his progressive R&B style of music could reach new heights elsewhere. His business model is a unique one, he has the freedom to create beautiful arrangements in the comfort of his own home, while consulting with his manager or close friends. He might think of lyrics for one of his particular musical arrangements, but most of the time he sits with a particular instrumental and asks himself the question of “What kind of vocalist could I hear on this beat?”.



“When I start on a new song, when I’m producing I try to make something I’ve never heard before. I start thinking of different vocal textures, do I hear a male or female voice on this?” said Flwr Chyld.

He used the example of his most streamed song called “Luv 2 U” featuring James Tillman. It was released 2 years ago in April of 2019, and it’s now surpassed 1 million streams on Spotify alone. The track is unique, as vocalist James Tillman effortlessly floats on Flwr Chylds R&B rendition of a lo-fi style “boom bap” type beat. Flwr Chyld said he took a bit of a risk in reaching out to Tillman for this song, because he had never worked with him, or even heard him on this type of production before.
“In my mind I’m thinking, how can I create the dopest contrast between the two. Between my production and a vocalist as talented as James.” said Flwr Chyld.
His hand picked collaboration definitely worked for “Luv 2 U”, mentioning that before the success of that song, he had never had any of his songs have that much streaming success. After about 3 months the track reached 40,000 streams, and little by little Flwr Chyld saw this track grow organically with no marketing budget. As his fan base grew, music listeners from all over were looking for more music from him. Other than the fact that he makes great music, how did he create such a demand among music listeners? It’s because he makes honest music, from the pure intention of helping himself and others through a tough time.

“There have been times where people have told me that my music helped them through their depression. I can relate to that, there have been times where I want to make music but I can’t get out of bed because my mind is in shackles.” said Flwr Chyld.

Touching on the topic of mental health, Flwr Chyld finds peace of mind in making music. He’s used this past year to self reflect and become more confident with himself. His latest song “Lucky Me” has a fast tempo, funkadelic groove that makes you want to dance. Although most of his music is slow and ethereal, he teamed up with a talented artist named Sebastian Mikael with a smooth vocal range. The moral of the song is how lucky one can feel when that special someone lets you in, both sexually and mentally.

When asked where he sees his career in five years, he said “I want to be a household name, up there with Kaytranada and Pharell”. Stating that those are just a few of his inspirations, Flwr Chyld is continuing to evolve as an artist, trying new things while keeping his sound tasteful and high quality. Gradually gaining more notoriety for his music, his experience studying music at Georgia Tech makes him qualified and experienced as a musician. If you’re looking for a rising R&B Soul artist to support, his ability to layer instruments and culminate a perfect collaboration provides the perfect soundtrack for any mood you’re in.

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