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Brent Faiyaz

History tends to repeat itself in music, sounds are recycled, and artists emulate their predecessors. Brent Faiyaz is an artist that has displayed his ability to rap and sing in an R&B style, while his sound provides a feeling of nostalgia. His music is thoughtful, and in an industry where some artists don’t put as much sincerity into their music, he is an artist that has stood out in the past couple years because of this. Faiyaz continues to stand alone, with his angelic voice, and lo-fi beats that fit his persona very well. His 2020 album “Fuck the World”, dropped last February and it seemed as if it were fitting for the state that the world was in at the time.

With this album length nearing thirty minutes, Faiyaz fits in his troubles, his love, and advice when it comes to reaching fame and success. This album makes the listener reflect on themselves, while also bringing awareness to the energies of others around us. The album starts out with the song “Skyline” and it touches on this very fact, that we all come from the same, so who are we to say we are better than another. This song is very relevant to how people spread hate on social media. The lyrics `”everything you do, don’t affect just you” brings light to the fact that we should all be more aware and conscious of how our words and opinions affect others.

The second song on this album is “Clouded”, in my opinion this is the best song on the album. From the way the song starts to the way it ends, it’s short and straight to the point. It touches on the anxieties that Faiyaz faces as he gains more popularity. As short as this song is, it’s an up close and personal look into Brent’s world. He even touches on seasonal depression and the added pressure of putting on a “happy face” in front of people. One of the lyrics that stands out for me is “ Your man wanna be me, but he doesn’t know I’m fighting demons, I feel like I’m dying every season, I’ve been swimming in the deep end”. These lyrics reflect upon Faiyaz’s hardships of fighting his dark thoughts while the world around him is just trying to show him love. The fact that he feels like he’s dying every season, most likely touches on the topic of depression and how he feels when the season’s change. It gets darker outside, and darker in your mind, and I think a lot of people can relate to this.

The next 3 three songs that highlight this project are, Been Away, Fuck the World, and Let Me Know. These songs are what add to the premise of the project. Been Away is a very hip-hop influenced track that touches on Brent’s feelings as a recluse while he’s away creating music, doing shows, and making money. He’s in a bit of a battle with himself considering he doesn’t always have the time to keep up on his relationships because of how busy he is. The beat of this song is very catchy and provides a perfect atmosphere for Brent’s sincerity in his lyrics. The title track “Fuck the World” acts as a lo-fi interlude, while Brent talks about the occasional bullshit he has to put up with when it comes to girls. While playing hard to get, he talks about how girls misunderstand him. This track displays Brent’s ability to be empathic and set boundaries with people that come at him with negative energy.

The last song that is a favorite on this project is “ Let Me Know” the hook of the song says “ Who can I love, when they tell me I can’t love myself”. This song touches on the negativity that is spread towards each other. Self love is a recurring theme in this album, and this song specifically talks about how loving yourself is essential to having healthy relationships in life. This song may also have something to do with the way minorities are treated in this country. Brent is constantly reminding his listeners of the importance of not getting caught up in the negativity but to continue spreading positivity and love.

With his voice being the soundtrack to the many thoughts that enter his mind. Brent Faiyaz invites the listener into his world of overindulgence, self-reflection, and empathy. This is one of my favorite projects of the past five years because of how thoughtful and sincere Brent displays his emotions, while also being vulnerable enough to admit his troubles and faults. His following has grown immensely over the past few years, and I think he’s just getting started for a long run in the music industry.

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