Blxst “No Love Lost” EP- Review

A new artist from the past year, by the name of Blxst is taking the R&B and Hip-hop world by storm in 2020. This year he dropped an 18 minute EP called “No Love Lost”. His sound could be compared to the sounds of Don Toliver and Partynextdoor, infused with a bit of early 2000’s R&B. Although his sound reminds me of other artist’s, I haven’t heard many new artist’s making the quality of music that Blxst is making. With an ability to write a sincere song that paints a picture of his nostalgia, he can carry a note with his soulful voice that easily transitions to the next.
The album starts with the first song “No Love Lost”, it starts with a catchy hook that transitions into a perfect R&B style climax of the song. Reminiscing about his time in recluse, Blxst makes a song for the lonely, that is refreshing. The second song is called “Overrated”, it reminds me of an early 2000’s R&B love song. Yearning for some loyalty, Blxst is looking for a ride or die girl that he could share his time with. Not wanting anything serious, this song shows his uncertainty in giving his time to a significant other, making him uncertain as to whether or not he even wants to be in a relationship. His music also has some swagger to it as well, on the next song “Wrong or Right” he tells the story of the love he’s built with a special someone. Over a soulful piano, one strum of a guitar, and a harmonizing synthesizer, he’s honest about the effect another person can have on him, even if he’s wrong or right. “Gang Slide” is the next song that has a short and simple hook that is catchy. With the song only being one minute and forty seconds, this song displays Blxst’s “cocky flow” as one would call it. Reminiscing about the early stages of a relationship, while spontaneously pulling up to his girls crib. This song provides a perfect interlude for the album
The next song is called “Be Alone” and it starts with the lyric “we be trippin on the time we don’t spend” which displays the hard times of his relationships, filled with doubt and paranoia from a significant other. Frustrating over being closed off by his lover, he confides in his girl with a sincere response about his priorities. Not being able to tap into the mind of his girl, this song has a woozy R&B rhodes style piano sound. Painting the picture of their relationship, his girlfriend hates to be alone, but won’t open up to him. This is a perfect transition into the next song called “Just Say’n”, he’s caught on the fact that his girlfriend is starting to act different leading to the fall of their relationship. Not knowing what to do, their love fades over arguments and the inevitable fact of outgrowing one another.
The second to last track is called “Searching”, and Blxst has yet to come to terms with his ailing relationship. Trying his best to display his love and care for his girl, she has yet to allow him into her mind, not communicating. We’ve all been here in a relationship, and in order to avoid losing himself, he realizes that their love lasts no longer. The last track on the album is called “Hurt”, and in this song Blxst writes a sincere letter about the love he still has for his old flame, and he now realizes the bigger priorities in his life, like his family and career. With a catchy piano loop, and a boom bap beat, he also talks about his relationships with friends too. Feeling isolated, and constantly keeping himself distracted, his motivation shows in his lyrics, as well as Blxst awareness of others around him that bring negative energy.
Although this album is on the shorter side, I was really impressed with Blxst honesty in his lyrics. While showing his vulnerability, the story he tells on this album touches on a lot of troubles that many have been through in any type of relationship. As a newer artist, Blxst is putting himself out there, and has an ability to display his singing and rapping in a way that isn’t forced. Be on the lookout for more music from Blxst, as he is only getting started in the music industry.

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