BIGBABYGUCCI’s album “1 Night I Took Acid”

There’s artists that have been quietly putting out music at a rapid pace, but not many get me hyped up as much as North Carolina artist BIGBABYGUCCI. He recently dropped his latest album titled “1 Night I Took Acid”, and its fast paced and trippy musical arrangements, captivate the listener in a way that activates excitement. With his melodic delivery that effortlessly glides over each beat, BIGBABYGUCCI provides a fresh new perspective of the future of hip-hop.

The production on this project is chaotic, but very well balanced. The brief intro to the album is called “Money Machine Madness” and its chaotic distorted synth and 808 combination, invites the listener into a unique musical experience. The lead single to this album is called “Pressure + Layers” and it dropped on April 15th, 2021, one month before the release of the album. In just a month, his lead single reached over 232,000 streams, as it is one of the standout tracks of the project. It starts with a high-pitched vocal sample, as the beat drops into what feels like a synth heavy, distorted bass that sounds like it will be one of the greatest mosh pit songs of future music festivals.

The third track titled “Hotel California” starts with a gently plucked distorted acoustic guitar. This futuristic instrumental allows BIGBABYGUCCI to deliver his lyrics in prophetic fashion, stating the lyrics “I get what I want, I get what I deserve.” This song has an exciting style that provides a fun rhythm that’s hard not to dance to. The clean up hitter for this album is his fourth song “Dinero”, and it’s a home run every time I listen. This song demonstrates the variety that this album provides, within the first 30 seconds there’s a guitar riff, layered with an emotional violin and flute that seamlessly transitions into the beat drop. BIGBABYGUCCI’s catchy hook in “Dinero” gives this album yet another song you can sing along to. An ode to his bank account, BIGBABYGUCCI has some added swagger on this track.



Each song on this album is no more than 3 minutes, which I think is a great way for most people to give this project a listen. BIGBABYGUCCI has an ability to efficiently come up with lyrics in a freestyle fashion, all while making each song sound unique from one another. His fifth song is titled “Soul Food & Vegetables”, and the beginning of this song has a slower, more melancholy feel to it that reels the listener into the beat drop. It would be cool to hear more “in my bag” type songs from BIGBABYGUCCI, as the beginning of this track could possibly be a prelude to the future of some of his new music. This track talks about losing respect and love for someone you were once so close with. Being that this track is a bit of a turning point for this album, I think it’s really fascinating that BIGBABYGUCCI shows his vulnerability on this song.

The next three songs were very difficult to choose because this is an album you’ll want to listen to in order, all the way through. If I had to choose my top three tracks from the second half of this project, my first would be “Glock Party”. This track just makes me feel good, from the bouncy beat to every different cadence that floats over occasional synth loops. It is for sure one of the most popular on this album. The next song is “Tuesday”, and it starts with a trippy melody that’s reversed and layered with deep “Mike Dean” like synths. When the beat drops, the album reignites into a burning flame of chaos. With BIGBABYGUCCI professing his hardships with dishonest women, he insists he’s not trusting another woman. There’s not many artists that make it cool to sound sad, angry, and paranoid, but he makes all of those feelings come to life in an entertaining way. The last song that is arguably my most favorite, is his tenth track titled “Headed to The Moon.” This track slows down the pace and rhythm of the album and displays his ability to sing and rap over a throwback style hip-hop beat. The first lines are “I’m headed to the moon, I might just win a Grammy, I know everybody know.” I love this line because it’s a look into what BIGBABYGUCCI sees for his professional future. Music listeners need to start recognizing when artists profess their manifestations into their music, as this track does it in a way that’s rhythmically pleasing and honest.

I hope by the time you’re done with this review, you go check out BIGBABYGUCCI and his music. He has a unique ability to mix his different styles into his music without doing too much. He’s one of my favorite up and coming artists and I’m sure that he’s going to be one of the hottest artists of the next few years. His latest album “1 Night I Took Acid” is sonically psychedelic and it displays his super star quality. Remember the name BIGBABYGUCCI, and expect to see him absolutely take over a new generation of hip-hop!

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