Big Mont’s Sonic Healing

In a time where not many artists display their vulnerability through their music, Peekskill, New York rapper and producer Big Mont, offers sonic healing through his musical arrangements and sincere lyrics. Since dropping his first full length album titled, Scatterbrain Crackbaby in July of 2019. Big Mont has earned the attention of respected radio host Ebro Darden, with Ebro featuring three of his songs on Apple Music’s Beats 1 Radio in 2020. As he continues to attract the music industry’s top names, Big Mont’s music was even chosen by SoundCloud to be featured on a compilation album of up and coming artists, hand picked and curated by Pharrell Williams himself. It seems as if Big Mont’s wildest dreams have only just begun, but for his personal journey to reach this point, his growth and personal healing has helped him manifest some of his greatest accomplishments.
“I’ve been going through a huge healing process, I go to therapy now to get my mental health right. There were a lot of things that were bothering me.” said Big Mont.
His 2019 album Scatterbrain Crackbaby, is a look into what he grew up around, as if he’s the tour guide showing the listener through his mind. He pours out his thoughts, desires, and struggles over soul samples, Pink Floyd influenced guitar solos, and chaotic hip-hop beats that perfectly compliment each song’s cadence and tempo. With the first song being titled “Momma”, Mont talks to his mother about his challenging upbringing because of her drug use. This track sets the tone for his vulnerability, forgiving his mother and putting the past behind him, but also reassuring his mother that he’ll be alright. After learning about Big Mont’s story, this song genuinely touched me. He wanted to create this album, and show it to his mother in order to start mending their relationship. It was a way for him to start healing from childhood trauma, and unfortunately his mother passed away before he could even show her his album. After the album’s release, his manifestations for his career began to come true.
Anybody that actually takes the time to listen to this album will feel something. He speaks his truth in a creative way that helps and encourages people to heal themselves from past trauma. Having the opportunity to speak with Big Mont was very special, he’s a man that has so much positive energy, that even over a Zoom interview you can feel his presence. Having a personal connection to this album, I thanked him for creating a body of work that helped me heal and strengthen my own relationship with my mother. Seeing how mentally strong he is through pain and struggle, is truly admirable and it shines through having a conversation with him.
“God Bless” said Big Mont. “Ultimately, I want to help people. This whole spiritual journey I’ve been on is very young. I feel like I found my calling, and it’s to help people heal. When you tell me thank you for what my music has done, that’s God’s work. Me being that vessel, that’s just my job.” said Big Mont.
Speaking of spiritual healing, the color of healing is actually green, and Big Mont’s upcoming project is titled “The Green Tape” for that reason. Scheduled to drop sometime in May, the 16 track project was originally only supposed to have 8 songs. According to Mont, he just couldn’t stop rapping and making beats.
“It’s mostly gospel and soul samples, with a few songs that have traditional song structures and the rest being freestyle type bars. I was researching places of peace and somewhere I could go heal, and Woodstock popped up. I started researching it and then me and my team went up to Woodstock. While we were up there I was just so inspired by those vibes up there and thought, The Green Tape, green is the color of healing.”
With this upcoming project including songs that had the potential to be something bigger, Big Mont assures you that it’ll still be beautiful music that you can roll your windows down to and bump in your car. He even showed me a verse from the project that is inspired by one of his biggest musical influences, Kanye West. It’s inspired by his song “ I Love Kanye”, and it’s full of witty bars that Kanye himself would love to hear. If you want to hear what it sounds like, go over to the episode I did with him to hear it. Mont also hinted at his next full length album, dropping at some point next year.
Big Mont’s journey as an independent artist is accompanied by the SAMO team. His team consists of his manager and business partner Dan, his guitarist Dean, and his DJ named Dewitt. Dan came to Big Mont back in 2014 and saw great potential. He wanted to help him as his belief from his team members came from the belief he had in himself.
“It comes down to believing in yourself, if you don’t believe in yourself and put in the work nobody else will.” said Big Mont
His team is not only helping him through his music career, but through life as well. Supporting each other, and seeing potential and skill in each member, makes them a great team. When it comes to getting work done, they all execute tasks that contribute to Big Mont’s success.
While simultaneously working on both upcoming bodies of work, constantly adding to his musical arsenal, it’s easy to say that Big Mont is going to give New York Rap some much needed spiritual healing. It’s time for hip-hop to embrace another “Super Producer”, who can produce, rap, and encourage young kids to follow their dreams and go wherever their mind takes them. Although Big Mont has been making music for about 10 years now, his growth, strength, and will to manifest his purpose already makes him a seasoned veteran, ready to take the music industry by storm.

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