Anderson .Paak’s Musical Impact

People listen to certain artist’s for many different reasons, it may be because a particular artist gives you motivation, makes you dance, or even makes you laugh. One artist that does all of these things for me is Anderson .Paak, he is simply in a league of his own. With practically his own genre, Paak’s music is a fusion of blues, rock, soul, funk, and hip hop all in one. What sets him apart from the rest, is his ability to give an unforgettable live performance while singing, rapping, and even playing the drums.
With albums such as Venice, Malibu, Oxnard, and Ventura, these are just three albums to mention that have helped him rise to fame. Paak was born in Oxnard, California, and each of his albums name’s are named after each city he lived in, as he made his way up the coast of California to etch his name into music history. Paak has studied music for most of his life and is a multi-instrumentalist. His energy while performing is what attracts so many, and in an industry where artists make most of their money from touring, he has mastered the live performance. Him and his band The Free Nationals are funk and R&B influenced, with many comparisons to the Zapps Band, and Earth, Wind, and Fire of the 1980’s.
Although Paak has been putting out music since 2012, his pivotal year in 2016 put him on the map for many, as he released his album Malibu. This was the album that got me hooked, with songs like “The Bird”, “Am I Wrong”, and “Put me Thru”. On this project, it felt like Paak finally found his sound with many influences from funk and soul music. His sincerity in his songwriting is what captivates his listeners as well. This album being my personal favorite of his, is a modern classic in my opinion, and is critically acclaimed by many with the help of Dr. Dre giving him a cosign. Paak signed with Dr. Dre’s AfterMath Entertainment in 2016.
Paak earned his first Grammy nomination for Malibu in 2016, as well as his following albums Oxnard and Ventura which were also Executive Produced by Dr. Dre. These next two albums displayed Paak’s versatility with features from J.Cole on their song “Trippy”, as well as “Come Home” featuring Andre 3000, which won a Grammy for best R&B performance. His album Ventura earned his first Grammy for Best R&B album in 2019.
Within the past five years Anderson .Paak has earned his spot at the top of the music industry, simply by being different. From being homeless to becoming a Gold, Platinum, and Grammy Award winning recording artist, his persistence and consistency is evident in his approach to music. Although many artist’s don’t get their respect when they are in their prime, it’s hard not to notice the greatness of Anderson .Paak’s musical journey.

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